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Flashmob is one of the most prominent names in dance music. After just five years since emerging, the solo act that is Alessandro Magani has established himself as an exciting DJ, fresh producer and in the know label boss. He has scored a number of underground hits in his time, and fuses a fine understanding of the past with an original vision of the

His work – in both original and remix form – comes on influential labels like Get Physical and Defected , with more planned for big hitters like Upon You, Connected via Kompakt and 8bit . It is music that manages to move entire clubs with a fine fusion of visceral grooves and playful melodic hooks and is informed by all the music Flashmob has soaked up over the last twenty years plus.

As a label, Flashmob is turning into a coherent musical empire that serves up standout club tracks that have won support from a wide array of DJs like Skream and Eats Everything , as well as key figures at BBC Radio 1 , in dance press outlets like Mixmag and of course with clubbers all over the world.

Flashmob is known for his strict work ethic as much as his creativity. Both of these things shine through in the DJ booth of essential clubs everywhere from Berlin to Brazil, ADE to Ibiza. When in action, he mixes up the old and the new in compelling ways, taking you on a trip with his expressive house and techno selections. With his own radio show to be syndicated to fellow music lovers around the world in 2017, Flashmob is a truly global dance talent.

Sonny Fodera

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Having come up through the ranks at a startling rate, Australian Sonny Fodera is now leading from the front. Over the last couple of years, the man originally turned on to the dance by Derrick Carter has fomented his own groove driven, emotive brand of house that now resonates around the world. Turning heads right from the off were his compilations on Deep Down and Defected, which found Sonny adding his remix flair to a bunch of classics, and after that came sophomore effort After Parties & Aeroplanes. Again a collaborative affair featuring the likes of Doorly, Gene Farris and Cajmere, it was a more jacking, sharp-edged treat designed for maximum dance floor impact, but was also stuffed with unforgettable vocals that agin saw Sonny stepping up his game.

The future is just as bright as the past for Sonny, who was born in Adelaide, Australia, and has lived between there, Ibiza, the USA and the UK since, though he is currently settled in London. It means he is fully focussed on the next chapter, which already promises to be a thrilling one for his fans, with a new album due on Defected ‘Frequently Flying’ , as well as more EPs on influential labels like Cajual and Lee Foss’s highly anticipated new imprint, Repoulate Mars.


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Born in the UK, but raised in Chicago, Secondcity has a unique pan-Atlantic outlook on House and Techno music that takes influence from his exposure to both of these musical hotspots. As such, in the space of some 24 months, Rowan has accelerated into the collective consciousness of house heads around the world.


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Ruling dancefloors for about ten years now under their conjunctional moniker Format: B and amazing crowds with their trademark MotorFunk-style Franziskus Sell & Jakob Hildenbrand have come a long way musicwise, even before they started to awe punters and DJs alike with their first releases put on the circuit via labels like Highgrade Recordings, Stil Vor Talent or Opossum Recordings.

Ici Sans Merci

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Ici Sans Merci a dj/producer of underground electronic music began his career in 2006 out of love for music and wanting to share this passion with the world. “1LOVE and that’s underground”.

Earning his stripes through the underground scene and illegal raves located in Amsterdam and throughout the rest of the Netherlands, has allowed him to become the DJ he is today! His style is extremely divers. He loves to create a merge of groovy deep, minimal like and extra-terrestrial sounds in his sets with an acid and techno edge to it. “I call it: future music”.

Maxim Lany

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Maxim Lany is one of the great Belgian DJ’s, but has long since moved past the Belgian borders.

Staying true to his roots, Maxim is still living and working in his beloved city of Ghent, where he made his first DJ sets with the records owned by mum and dad.

Lany is famed for his tightly mixed adventurous sets, in which fat bangers and odd-ones out get an equal share. It’s his very own universally acclaimed sound, which not only made him a household name, but also led to starting his own label and having the creative freedom to do what he wants.


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Born and raised in Antwerp, Belgium, Roel De Prins aka Flapjackers picked up the DJ and producting art in the early years of 2000. Initally experimenting withing the borders of the Funky House genre, he quickly expanded to Jackin, Tech and full-on Nu-Garage and the Deep House sound.