Baboon is the male alias of the DJ duo Diamantino – Gizzi

Through this alias they will express their love for emotional and melancholic, melodic shades of house, tech-house & techno.

Music, the thread since ever and always in his life…

Experimenting with his parents’ vinyl’s at the age of 14, learning all different etnical music styles, mixing and scratching until they got crazy. This is how the passionate love story began, the magical journey with the eclectic music virus.

The young “Gizzi” 18 years at the moment, got his introduction in the world of house music thanks to some friends, Trance house, Techno, Tech house, Latino house, Balearic House….. The passion for this type of music got really fed by a first club visit @ Café d’Anvers. He was sure of one thing, his passion for music has to be shared worldwide, beyond borders.

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