Taking you on a journey through the best House & Club classics, Mixed up with the best new-school House music.

Ravenous is an Antwerp-based house dj and producer.

His brother, a well-known dj, always inspired him and got him into electronic music from a very early age. Following in his brother’s footsteps, Ravenous decided it was time for himself to enter the stage and show the world his taste for quality house music.

Ravenous dj sets can be described as a well balanced mix of the newest house tracks with the best club classics, keeping always the dancefloor in mind. This is a well-proven formula and quickly after his first mixtapes he was picked up by Studio Brussel, resulting in a spot on festivals like Tomorrowland, Pukkelpop, Extrema Outdoor and Laundry Day!

It’s not just enough for Ravenous to conquer Belgian finest festivals and parties, when he’s not on stage, he can be found in the studio. Constantly working on that perfect sound, Ravenous describes his productions as follows: “deep and funky house tunes”

After receiving a lot of unreleased material from talented Belgian producers, Ravenous decided to launch his own record label Housified. The platform will host homegrown House music with a bright look on the future!

This youngster from Antwerp is someone to watch out for!

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