In this 6th edition ’The first Encounter’ Dystopia Dance Festival will take you to another world. An alternative future where electronic dance beats, new technologies, art, fashion and state of the art sci-fi-stuff generate an overwhelming amount of energy. Fort 3 is our home base and your ‘gate’ into your own ‘universe’. We are undertaking this trip together. Away from it all. Forget about the daily rat race and boring routines. Buckle up & tune in on some serious Dystopia vibes!

More than a festival

Together with you, Dystopians, we will shed a light on what our future can or should be, the way we want it. So our festival is more than just a futuristic décor. It is there to inspire you to help build a new dystopian world. Driven by technology and science. 'Out of space' but real. Dystopians, United by housemusic, hope and the feeling that everything is possible. Dystopians are not like other people. But they are connected, like never before, by one great energy boost. Together we are Dystopia. The future is ours!

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